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  • Introduction to Fuda

    Fuda Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Jinan University is a large-scale tertiary tumor specialist hospital directly managed by the Guangdong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission. It is also the first tumor specialist hospital in Guangdong Province to pass the international JCI certification. , became a national key clinical (tumor) specialized hospital, and in 2011, Fuda was rated as a key clinical specialized hospital in Guangdong Province, China. As an international cancer hospital, Fuda’s unique anti-cancer concept (enabling high-quality long-term survival of tumor patients) and the latest international minimally invasive therapy (for example: nano knife, argon-helium cryo knife and iodine particle implantation, etc. more than 20 kinds of therapy) ), treated cancer patients from more than 100 countries around the world.

    Our Signature Therapies

    Various ways to treat cancer without surgery or radiation/chemotherapy

    • Brachytherapy

      It commonly uses 125 iodine seeds which have a half-life period of 59 days and release a short-course of gamma ray. The seeds implanted into cancerous masses radiate to destroy targeted cells, preventing unnecessary exposure of the whole body to radiation. More details

    • CSA (Cryosurgery Therapy)

      The dead tumor tissue in situ after cryosurgical ablation can act as an antigen to promote anti-tumor immune response in the body; frozen cancer cells are more sensitive to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which can enhance the effect of treatment. More details

    • IRE (Irreversible Electroporation)

      Irreversible electroporation is also called nano-knife ablation. It can accurately induce tumor cell apoptosis and completely ablate the tumor without irreversible damage to other important tissues in the ablation zone, such as blood vessels, bile ducts, nerves, etc., so that it can reduce complications caused by other traditional ablation methods. More details

    • CVI (Cancer Vascular Intervention)

      Direct injection of chemotherapeutic drugs or embolic agent into the tumor from the tumor-feeding artery can block the blood vessels, cut off the energy supply, and then the tumor will die of ischemia, hypoxia and starvation. On the other hand, the chemotherapeutic drug is concentrated in the tumor and release slowly, exerting the maximum anticancer effect, while it has little effect on the whole body.

    • (PDT) Photodynamic therapy

      PDT is a non-thermal light chemical reaction and requires oxygen, photosensitive substance (photo-sensitizer) and laser simultaneously. The photo-sensitizer is absorbed by neoplasm tissue and accumulates in the cells for a long time. The photo-sensitizer is activated with the appropriate wavelength of light. This leads to apoptosis of cancer. PDT is more accurate and effective with fewer side effects. More details

    • Revolve Resection

      Revolve resection is an advanced minimally invasive procedure. It includes surgical instruments of rotary knife and vacuum suction pump, which can perform repetitive cutting on the suspicious lesions and obtain pathological specimens,

    Our Signature Therapies

    Various ways to treat cancer without surgery or radiation/chemotherapy

    Therapy introduction video

    patient interview

      Malaysian lung cancer patients undergo cryotherapy and interventional chemotherapy at Fuda Hospital. During this period, there was no surgical operation, no systemic chemotherapy, and only advanced minimally invasive treatment. As a result, the patient's quality of life remains the same as before. Freezing does not require surgery, and there is no need to suffer from various postoperative complications

      The argon-helium knife helped Malaysian bowel cancer patients recover a high-quality life. On November 8, Mr. Liu from Malaysia was packing his luggage in the hospital and preparing to go home. In front of him, he was well-proportioned, with a ruddy complexion and a radiant look. He looked no different from an ordinary healthy person....check the details

      The 63-year-old Chen Zhe has come to Fuda Hospital for the eighth time, and he is already familiar with every passage here. While walking in the aisle, Chen Zhe met Dr. Niu who had performed the surgery on him. Chen Zhe excitedly ran up to hold Dr. Niu's hand, and said, "I am Chen Zhe, Dr. Niu. Thanks to you, I have lived another eight years." Years without you, I might not be here, thank you for letting me live!...check the details

    International patients who have been treated at Fuda Cancer Hospital
    Since the establishment of Fuda Cancer Hospital, we have been providing treatment to patients from more than 100 countries around the world and are deeply trusted
    our expert doctors
    • Professor Xu Kecheng
      • chief physician
      • PhD Tutor
      • Honorary Dean
    • Professor Niu Lizhi
      • chief physician
      • PhD Tutor
      • dean
    • Professor Zeng Zongyuan
      • chief physician
      • PhD Tutor
    • Professor Park Sang-ho
      • Interventional Radiology Specialist
      • Professor of Oncology
    all specialist doctors
    patient story
    • Shelly Mahara Indonesia
      Advanced Ovarian Cancer Survival Over 14 Years
    • Gurli Denmark
      Survival of more than 11 years with advanced pancreatic cancer
    • Han Linyuan Singapore
      Advanced Prostate Cancer Survival Over 9 Years
    • fa Thailand
      advanced breast cancer
    Fuda News
    Xu Kecheng’s Lecture | Cryoablation Therapy for Renal Cancer
    • 07 / 13
      Understanding and Being Vigilant Against the Therapeutic "Evolution" of Cancer
    • 07 / 05
      Dean Niu Lizhi Takes Over as the New Annual Rotating Chairman of the National Private Medical Oncolo
    • 02 / 22
      Guangzhou Fuda Medical Co., Ltd. became regional demonstration unit of the National Key R&D Plan
    • Nationally approved cancer hospital
    • JCI international certification
    • Asia Pacific Cancer Cryoablation Center
    • Medical Center, Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    FUDA Cancer Hospital KL Service Center-复大肿瘤医院吉隆坡办事处

    address:Level 27-05, Tower B, Pavilion Embassy, 200Jalan Ampang,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

    Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital


    address:No. 2, Tangde Xi road, Tianhe district, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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